Institut Professionnel des Comptables
et Fiscalistes Agréés
Loi du 22 avril 1999
Mission of the National Council

The mission of the National Council concerning unauthorised practice of the regulated profession of accounting professional

The 1999 Act stipulates that it is the mission of the National Council to report to the authorities any violation of the acts and ordinances for the protection of the professional title of accounting professional or accounting professional/tax-expert or trainee accounting professional/tax-expert and for the organisation of the profession. When a violation of these regulations is observed, the Institute can directly summon the relevant party before the Criminal Court.

Should a suspicion of unauthorised practice arise, the Act stipulates that the Institute can ask the Police and specially appointed civil servants of the Department of Trade and Industry to track down these violations of the law and delineate them in official reports.

Regulatory framework

Practicing the profession of independent accounting professional was already regulated by the Royal Decree of 19th May 1992. In 1999 Parliament decided to reorganise the regulatory framework of the accounting and tax professions in the Act 22nd April 1999. Article 49 of this Act describes the professional activities that fall under the monopoly of the accounting professionals (tax-experts). This monopoly, shared with accountants (IEC/IAB members) and company auditors (IRE/IBR members), is protected by criminal and civil penalties.

This means that any person that performs these regulated activities in a self-employed capacity for other persons or legal enities without license from either this Institute or the Institute of accountants and tax consultants (IEC/IAB) or the Institute of Company Auditors (IRE/IBR) can be prosecuted and sentenced. Article 58 of the 1999 Act describes the penalties that can be imposed by the Court.

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