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Loi du 22 avril 1999
Legal monopoly

Legal monopoly of the accounting professional (tax-expert

Accounting professionals , trainee accounting professionals, accounting professionals/tax-experts, or trainee accounting professionals/tax-experts provide not only a full accounting and taxation service but are generally regarded as being the immediate advisers of companies.

In this context the legislator decided that anyone who wants to provide accounting services on a self-employed basis (as sole practitioner or through a company) to other individuals and organisations has to obtain a license from the Institute of Accounting professionals and Tax Experts to do so. Without such a license no one is allowed to provide those services as a self -employed person or use the title of accounting professional. These accounting services are mentioned in article 49 of the 1999 Act : 1. Organising accounting services and advice with regard thereto;
2. Opening, maintaining, centralising and closing entries suitable for the preparation of accounts;
3. Stipulating the results and preparing financial reports in the legally required form;
4. The activities referred to in article 38 of the Act, i.e. providing advice in all tax matters; assisting taxpayers in the fulfilment of their tax obligations; representing taxpayers.

The first three activities mentioned above are included in the monopoly of the members of the IPCF. They share these activities with accountants (IEC/IAB members) and company auditors (IRE/IBR members). They share the fourth activity with tax consultants. The tax activities are not part a monopoly.

For more information about the legal protection of the titles of accounting professional, accounting professionals/tax-expert, accountant and tax consultant: see "linked pages": [Protection of Professional Titles].

All accounting and tax professions are regulated by law. The three public law institutions that are concerned with the organisation of the economic professions are under the authority of the High Council for the Economic Profession.

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