Institut Professionnel des Comptables
et Fiscalistes Agréés
Loi du 22 avril 1999

Welcome on the Institute of Accounting professionals and
Tax Experts website

On this website you will find more information about the profession of accounting professional in Belgium. Article 46 of the Act of 22 April 1999 concerning the accounting and tax professions stipulates that anyone who wants to provide accounting services on a self-employed basis (as sole practitioner or through a company) to other individuals and organisations has to obtain a license from the Institute of accounting professionals and Tax Experts to do so. Without such a license no one is allowed to provide those services as a self-employed person or use the title of accounting professional.

This website allows accounting and tax professionals to search for information about accountancy & tax related Belgian legislation.

Organisations and businesses searching for an accounting professional will find in the 'Members Directory' the list of all the sole practitioners and companies that are licensed to practice the profession.

The Institute itself does not give accountancy or tax advice. That is for our members. However, if you have any queries or comments about the Institute, its mission or its members, please contact us.

* * The by law protected professional title of "erkend boekhouder / comptable agréé" is on the English pages of our website translated as "accounting professional" and not as the more commonly used English term "accountant". The reason for this is that the English term "accountant" in our Belgian context is a protected professional title as well; that can be held only by members of another Institute, namely the IAB/IEC

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